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Musicians’ Union Musical Instruments and Equipment Insurance Scheme

New £3,000 cover from 01/09/2023

MU £3,000 Musical Instrument and Equipment Insurance Cover (MU £3K Cover)

As a benefit of membership all subscription paying MU members resident in the UK are eligible to register for £3,000 of musical instrument and equipment cover, anywhere in the world.

To obtain this cover, simply follow the instructions below and register for the Scheme. The facility is administered by MU's preferred insurance brokers, Hencilla Canworth GI Ltd, and the cover itself provided by the respected and established insurance company, Allianz Musical Insurance, a trading name of Allianz Insurance plc. There is also the opportunity to obtain MU Specified Instrument/equipment Cover at preferential rates.

Provided that you have registered and received a policy and schedule, your Musical Instruments and Equipment will be insured against loss, damage or theft anywhere in the world up to £3,000 (in any annual period) subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.
There is also a claims limit of £5,000 per member in a five year rolling period effective from the 1st January 2020.
Claims are subject to a policy excess of £150 per claim increasing to £350 for laptops, personal computers or tablets.

Only musical instruments and related musical equipment owned and used by you will be covered by this policy. You must provide evidence of value and ownership at the time of a claim. It is advisable to keep purchase receipts and photographs of any insured item as these may be required by insurers in the event of a loss.

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